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Course Reflection

I can honestly say that this english class has been unlike any of my previous classes. I feel that this class has given me a new perspective on writing and the machines in which we write with. Not only do I feel that my individual writing has been challenged, but my thoughts regarding writing have been challenged as well. It was enlightening to take a step back and be introduced to a side of writing that I have never considered before. Looking back on the course the things that really stick out for me is the way that writing machines have evolved.

Prior to our world of internet sites and typing, people had to physically create books (shocking I know). Of course, we are all familiar with books, but the evolution of how they began to what we have now is truly astounding. I really enjoyed engaging in the course material through our blogs and the activities that came along with the posts. Being able to physically participate with the class material is what made it so enriching. For example, this blog! I have never had a space in an english class where the instructor wanted my opinion, reflection, and interpretation. Being able to continuously participate in such a unique writing machine has been a valuable experience, both as a writer and a reader.

Through the class activities and material I am now more understanding of different writing machines and the different purposes they have. One of the biggest take aways that I have learned is that "the medium is the message". Learning how to understand how impactful the medium of a work has changed my perspective on writing entirely. I have always went into english classes with the mindset that I do not like to write. However, this has changed through this course. I feel as though I had previously not been engaged in writing that I found meaningful or stimulating to me. This class has given me a fresh perspective on how writing is viewed and why we write.

I feel that this course has impacted my identity as a writer. Prior to this class, I was focused on writing simply as a technicality or something that I thought someone else wanted me to write. With this class, I realized that it's okay to have opinions and break the rules of writing in some cases. Writing does not always have to be serious, it can also be fun! The blog writing portion of this course helped me learn this and has impacted the way I view myself as a writer.

To close up my blog, I would like to thank my professor for allowing the opportunity to be able to have these experiences. As I mentioned, this english class has been a new and exciting experience and I have enjoyed learning and growing as a writer this semester. Going forth I will be taking with me the knowledge I have acquired and a new take on what writing is and what it means to me.

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